Ford refurbish brings Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to the 2016 fleet

Ford currently is releasing a program refurbish to a model-year 2016 vehicles so that a whole swift will be means to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Which is overwhelming news, since we still haven’t forgiven SYNC 3 for butchering Nilay’s name.

You can obtain a refurbish in 3 ways: by downloading over a atmosphere for Wi-Fi-connected vehicles, by bringing your automobile to a Ford dealership, or by downloading a refurbish to a USB expostulate afterwards manually plugging into a car. To DIY a update, you’ll need to download a right chronicle for your automobile from Ford’s owners support website. Android Auto is upheld for smartphones regulating Android 5.0 and higher, while CarPlay is concordant with iPhone 5 or later, updated to iOS 7.1 or higher.

The refurbish currently comes after carmakers Audi and Volvo announced that they will be regulating Android as a categorical handling complement for their arriving cars. Although today’s news means Ford now offers Android Auto as an choice in some-more of a vehicles, it doesn’t seem to wish to reinstate SYNC 3 with Android wholly — after all, it recently hired 400 BlackBerry engineers to work on a connected automobile initiative. Whether that’s a right pierce stays to be seen, as a initial automobile with a normal mobile OS as a categorical complement won’t be on a marketplace for during slightest another year or two.


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