Here’s an audio debate of Google I/O

Fresh out of my trade folder is a code new part of The Vergecast. This week, since of a business that is Google I/O, we available a part Friday morning. This resulted in Nilay’s try to move a morning uncover vibe to part 257, notwithstanding Dieter, Adi, Natt, and Paul’s (and my) condemnation of sound effects. There was a lot to plead interjection to Google’s developer conference, so here it is! Enjoy!

06:43 – Google is finally replacing a bad emoji blobs in Android O

13:59 – Google Assistant is on a iPhone now

24:41 – Google wants a Assistant to be everywhere — though initial it needs to conquer a iPhone

31:46 – Android O beta launches

37:40 – Google is adding Kotlin as an central programming denunciation for Android development

45:37 – Google AR / VR

1:01:25 – Ford refurbish brings Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to a 2016 fleet

1:06:50 – New Surface Pro trickle confirms Microsoft’s loathing for USB-C

1:07:28 – AMD is bringing a new Ryzen processors to laptops after this year

1:08:15 – FCC votes to start overturning net neutrality

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