Medium subscribers now get audio recordings of tip stories

Medium’s subscription use didn’t start off with all that many (any, really) features, though a association has only combined a large one: audio recordings of some of a site’s tip stories.

All of a audio stories will be “professionally recorded,” Medium says, and won’t be done regulating synthesized voices, like Siri. Every subscriber-exclusive story will get an audio chronicle and “other tip stories” picked by Medium editors will get available as well. At launch, there are a small over 50 articles with an audio option.

The recordings supplement a most some-more discernible advantage for Medium subscribers and could assistance a association daub into a assembly that’s prolonged relied on Audible for something to listen to in a car. On tip of audio recordings, Medium has published several dozen subscriber-exclusive stories in a past dual months. Subscribers are also means to save stories for offline reading in a Medium app.

Medium tells VentureBeat that it’s deliberation permitting “writers and publishers to upload their possess narrations” and that it expects to “experiment with adding opposite forms of audio content” in a entrance months.


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