Twitter warns Vine users that email addresses and phone numbers were exposed

Vine as we once knew it has already been close down, yet unfortunately that doesn’t meant a information we supposing to a Twitter-owned association is secure. Twitter usually sent out a mass email to Vine users alerting them of a “bug” that quickly authorised third parties to perspective email addresses and phone numbers compared with Vine accounts. If we get a email, your information was expected unprotected — yet that doesn’t indispensably meant it’s being dissipated by anyone. The association creates no discuss of any passwords carrying been unprotected during a window that it claims lasted “less than 24 hours.” Vine has also published a Medium post on a issue.

The bug influenced a Vine Archive, that a association describes as a “time capsule” (perhaps graveyard?) of all Vines that were uploaded with a service. The Vine Archive stays ocular from web browsers, nonetheless no new uploads are supported; Vine’s smartphone app was repurposed into a camera app and can no longer crop a gone amicable network.

Twitter is propelling users who accept a email to sojourn warning for questionable emails or content messages. The full email follows below.

Dear Vine comment holder,

We are essay to let we know that we were alerted to — and immediately bound — a bug that influenced a Vine Archive for reduction than 24 hours. This bug had a intensity to display a email residence and phone series compared with a Vine comment to third parties underneath certain circumstances.

In a investigation, we detected that a email residence and phone series related to your comment were exposed. We wish to stress that this information can’t directly be used to entrance your account, and we have no information indicating that it has been misused. We take these incidents really seriously, and we’re contemptible this occurred.

As a confidence best practice, we suggest that we be discreet if we accept emails or content messages from different senders. Please keep in mind that Vine will usually send we communications from, and we will never send emails with attachments or ask your cue by email.

For some-more tips on how to equivocate feign emails and stay protected online, review a Twitter Help Center and a FTC’s beam on phishing.

– Vine Support


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