Woman was reportedly burnt by Beats headphones, Apple blames ‘third-party’ AAA batteries

The lady whose headphones held glow during a Feb moody from Beijing, China to Melbourne, Australia was wearing a span of AAA-powered Beats, according to a Australian Associated Press. What’s more, a news states that a deputy for Apple, that bought Beats in 2014, told a woman’s counsel that a company’s review into a occurrence blames a use of a “third-party battery” for a means of a explosion, yet it’s misleading what that means. Apple has not responded to a ask for comment.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was defunct during a moody when “a shrill explosion” was listened by other passengers, according to a Mar news from a Australian Transport Safety Bureau. “As we went to spin around we felt blazing on my face,” she told a ATSB. She afterwards threw a headphones on a floor, and moody attendants burning them with water.

Apple doesn’t now make headphones powered by AAA batteries, so if a headphones in doubt were indeed done by Beats, they were expected an comparison pair.


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